Register on DuyvelFest or duyvelfest@duyvel.com to get the exact location!!! More info: www.duyvel.com

16-12-2022 --- LAST MINUTE GIG TODAY

Just there to drink we are asked to play today as the band Deraan Deraan had to cancel due to illness... Come to Limbricht scouting building in De Gronckelstraat. You will hear the noise outside!!!!


After 10 years of abscence we are very thankful for all of you showing up in such big numbers. Two shows now and both were amazing. After a sold-out event in Buchten, again a very crowdy and active gig in Diest. This feels really good. Thank you all very much!!!

31-08-2022 --- PRE-SALE TICKET DIEST (BE)

80's Thrash Tribute Night @ Hell in Diest (BE)
Get your ticket(s) for Hell in Diest (BE) here!

27-06-2022 --- WE REALLY MISSED THIS! TNX!!!

Being on stage with ZOD is something we really missed doing. So last saturday we had a really, really great day! The entire show we could not get that smile of our faces. Thanks to all of you in Buchten. You made this possible!!!


For those who want to join us at the METALNACH BUCHTEN in café de Bar this saturday: if you have not got your ticket yet, then we are very sorry because that means you ran out off luck as the show is completely SOLD OUT!!! If you do have a ticket, do not worry: we really cannot wait to hit the stage again after all this time!!!! SEE YOU ALL THIS SATURDAY!!!


Metalnach Buchten was planned for this Friday but again due to the Corona measures it has been postponed. New date: June 25th.

09-03-2020 --- BANDMEMBERS IN 2020

For the one-time-only final ZOD-show in 2020: Jupke, Jo, Bas & Robert will tear down the stage!!! ;)

17-07-2019 --- YEAR 2020 WITH Z.O.D.!

After several requests we just had to accept the invitation from our Metalnach Buchte friends to play one more time. The event will be at café De Bar in Buchten, Limburg (NL). Exact date is not known yet... but the band is complete again and will be ready in time!!!


It has been quite some time that we did our last show and even longer that we did a rehearsal with Bart Benante and Casper NOT Ian, but it was fucking amazing!!! After all this time (a couple of years have passed already), we hardly needed to figure out those old but great songs. As if we never stopped playing them and Bart and Casper never left. From the first sound to the last we had a very good time. We are really looking forward to hit the stage once (just once?) again!!!

15-01-2015 --- SPECIAL ZOD-SHOW

Jupke Milano could not resist and managed to get Bart Benante, Casper NOT Ian and Jo Lilker to agree on doing one more show. A special ZOD show for old times sake so to speak...Date was initially set to April 11th but has been moved to May 9th!!!

12-01-2014 --- JO QUIT

Last november Jo decided to quit.

30-10-2013 --- UPDATE

Due to continueing health issues of our drummer we have postponed all activities until further notice. As soon as Danny is up and running again, we'll re-start our march.

28-12-2012 --- 2013

We wish you all the best for next year (and all other upcoming years) !!!

20-12-2012 --- 2013 HERE WE COME!

Plans are that we are about to do great stuff in 2013 together with our friends from up North: Skelletons Of Society. We are really looking forward to that. Back on stage, that's all we want so let 2013 begin!!!

15-11-2012 --- UPDATE

We've succesfully completed our first rehearsal with 2 newbe's from the 045-region (it might just happen, you never know). So it looks like 046 and 045 are about to join forces to finally relive the best 80s Crossover band ever on this planet once again by tributing them through Z.O.D.
There's still a lot to be done but with some luck 2013 is once again a good year to rage some stages. Make way, you're gonna be caught in the Milano Mosh!!! ;)

12-11-2012 --- IT'S HAPPENING...RIGHT?

Is it? Really? Are we really going to have our first serious full length rehearsal after Martijn and Casper left the band? There's also going to be a drummer present who we haven't met yet but who has already practiced a couple of songs so....interesting... We'll keep you posted. 


Major setback but with new options... Like The Exploited shouts: NOT DEAD YET!

09-10-2012 --- Z.O.D THE BEGINNING 01-01-1997

It all started because Marcel Coenen thought it would be a great idea to do S.O.D. on the annual BUDT-bal (Beter Uit Dan Thuis) on the 1st of January 1997. Our name was also easily found, rotating the S made us Z.O.D. which would stand for "Zittesje OnDeug", Bastards from Sittard. And so we started rehearsing for this one show. Check out the video we recorded that day....it was all just for fun, so enjoy!!!


For some time a couple of live video recordings were no longer available on YouTube and as a result no longer on our website. As up now all video's are back online. Check SHOWS/VIDEOS.


Restarting Z.O.D. takes a bit longer than expected. Due to the fact that our brand new guitarist recently got a job resulting in lack of time he now is unable to participate in our tribute band and has to quit even before really getting started. We are very sorry to see him leave but wish him all the best. So now we are without guitarist again...but...with a drummer who is, just like the rest of us, very eager to get Z.O.D. started again!

02-10-2012 --- 2013

Z.O.D. is preparing and will be ready for gigs again starting in 2013!

10-09-2012 --- Z.O.D. COMPLETE AGAIN!

Today we've had our Meet&Greet in café DE MAX in Geleen with our new band members Maurice Benante and Danny NOT Ian, both living in Sittard nowadays which makes it all easier. All of us now resident in Sittard-Geleen. Our rehearsals will start @ our new location as soon as Maurice and Danny are able to play most of our setlist....and then.........BACK ON STAGE!!!

02-09-2012 --- POSSIBLY DRUMMER FOUND!!!

Finally we have someone willing to do our drums. We do not know if this will work out just yet (we just read this message on fb), but for those of you who would want to join us as guitar player: start practicing some songs please :)
With some help from previous band members we just might get started again fast!


Unfortunately, today due to our current circumstances we had to turn down a very interesting offer to play together with ROMPEPROP at DYNAMO in Eindhoven on the 8th of September. We do have a couple of guitarists who want to join us but no drummer came forward yet...

16-07-2012 --- NOT DEAD YET?

Finally we have a couple of guitar players interested in joining Z.O.D.!
It would be very awesome if there are also people out there willing to do a lot of drum kicking with us so we can make a second beginning (or have we done that already and are we talking about third beginning? LOL). Come forward and introduce yourself!!!

11-07-2012 --- Z.O.D. IS NO MORE... (R.I.P.)

Dear friends,

after we restarted Z.O.D. 6 years ago, due to personal matters it is time for Z.O.D. to stop all our activities once again. Martijn (our newest drummer) unfortunately appears to be unable to match our band activities with his personal life and Casper was already waiting for a couple of months for a worthy replacement. All this will make it very difficult, most likely impossible even, to find a new drummer as well as a new guitar player any time soon...

We want to thank all friends, bookers & venues and people who kept on visiting our shows. We really enjoyed being with all of you!
Many, many thanks to all of you!!!

Z.O.D. (R.I.P. again)

09-05-2012 --- STILL LOOKING...

We are still looking for a guitar player to replace Casper. Get in touch if you feel like hitting the stage with us!

10-04-2012 --- BIG THANX TO BART

Yesterday we had our last gig with Bart behind the drums. We want to thank him for joining Z.O.D. and for performing with us on stage for 26 gigs. Bart, big thanx and enjoy your new band Rock-Stu!

01-04-2012 --- NEW GUITAR PLAYER?

We just might already have found a replacement for Casper. For you information: Casper has decided to leave Z.O.D. as soon as a newly found guitar player is able to hit the stage with us. Well,.. Casper himself might have found his own replacement for us and as soon as that's final, we'll introduce the new 'NOT Ian' to you.

29-03-2012 --- DRUMS AND GUITARS

Now that we are very pleased with our new drummer our guitar player informed us he wants to quit. He was struggling with these thoughts for a couple of months now, so it wasn't really a surprise for us. But to prevent any wrong thoughts: Casper is NOT leaving because of our new drummer. NO, not at all, he just needs something new. Unfortunately at this very moment we have to get Martijn ready for his first show in June and thus need to rehearse all our current songs which leaves us no time to introduce any new ones like we had planned earlier (e.g. songs from M.O.D.'s first album).
We can and wil not blame Casper for leaving. We are just very, very sorry to see him go in the near future. But as long as we haven't found a replacement he will stay so we will not have to cancel any shows!

ARE YOU OUR NEW GUITAR PLAYER? Show yourself and get in contact with us via e-mail or phone (see contact page)!!!!

08-03-2012 --- WE HAVE A DRUMMER!

We are very pleased to have found a serious replacement for Bart. We've met yesterday @ De Garaasj in Lindenheuvel (Geleen) and he is eager to start. Our new drummer listens to the name of Martijn (ex-STATE:CHAOS, ex-CLITEATER), so please welcome MARTIJN BENANTE. Rehearsals with Martijn will start soon. Should he not be ready before our gig in June, we still have our stand-in drummer Rick who's ready to hit the stage with us, just in case...

16-02-2012 --- TEMPORARY DRUMMER

Now Bart has decided to leave Z.O.D. we've now found Rick prepared to help us again for the time being. For those of you who do not know him, he's the drummer of THE TOYDOLLZ. Yes that's also a tribute band and yes they also make very fast music. So this time he's ready for Z.O.D.! Yesterday we had our first rehearsal with Rick and this was great. From the first sound till the last. Fast and very very very agressive, just as it should be.
We also have an option for a serious new drummer who we will check out after the upcoming CARNAVAL/VASTELOAVEND days, but don't make this hold you back if you think YOU should become our new drummer. Nothing's decided yet!

09-02-2012 --- NEW DRUMMER WANTED!

We're looking for a new drummer!!! Yesterday Bart informed us that he likes drumming in a Rock band better than Metal and that he wants to quit. He'll remain our drummer until we have found a new one. So,...if you live in the neightbourhood of Sittard-Geleen (be it The Netherlands, Belgium or Germany) and does S.O.D. mean to you what it means to us... mail us (see website's contact page for the e-mailadres).

21-01-2012 --- BUNNYPOP 2012

For all the people who supported our bass player during his 'holiday' in Jamaica we are very grateful and as a thanks to all of you we will do a show @ Down Town during BUNNYPOP 2012 !!!
So our bass player would be very pleased to see you all back there on Monday the 9th of April.

09-01-2012 --- NEW SONGS IN SETLIST

At the moment, as we aren't having a lot of shows coming up, we are working on some new songs to add to our set list. This means there will be a couple of newer S.O.D. songs in it, but also some additional songs from the first M.O.D. album! Hope to see you all on our next show(s)...


For those who showed up (and those you didn't), we have some live pics online from our show on the 30st of December during VETTE KNEPPER FEST. Just click here to check 'm out!

27-12-2011 --- Z.O.D. @ BANDCAMP

Hi all, feel free to like us @ Bandcamp. TNX!

02-12-2011 --- 20 ADDITIONAL 1ST SHOW DVDS

For our Die Hard Fans ;) we have an additional 20 uncut copies on DVD of our very first show (01-01-1997) with Marcel "BENANTE" Coenen on drums (originally on VHS). So if you were unable to get a copy during our show at BRG/Graasj in Geleen, here's another chance!!! Tomorrow, when supporting RAGE ON STAGE at café DE MAX (again in Geleen), this DVD is waiting there for you!

01-12-2011 --- FLYER 30-12-2011 READY

Aan TGP om deze avond te openen. Deze relatief nieuwe band maakt een brute mix van death metal, rock en extreme heavy metal. Aan de ervaring zal het in ieder geval niet liggen, met (ex)leden van Symbolic, Collision, Charlie*Adler, Blind Sight en Remorse moet het wel lukken om iedereen wakker te schudden!

Z.O.D. - Stormtroopers of Death Tribute
In 1996 bedacht Marcel Coenen het idee van Z.O.D. ('Zittesje OnDeug'), een tributeband van Stormtroopers of Death, als een geinig project voor het jaarlijkse BUDT-bal in de Azijnfabriek. Na drie succesvolle optredens (waarvan de laatste in De Boerderij!) besloten de bandleden de stekker er weer uit te trekken. In 2006 werd Z.O.D. echter weer herboren als een volwaardige tributeband met o.a. zanger Jupke en bassist Jo van het eerste uur!

Een gloednieuwe, ass-kicking heavy-coverband met twee bandleden van de latino-metalband Laberinto onder hun gelederen. Om maar een paar bands uit hun setlist op te noemen: Black Sabbath, Sacred Reigh, Billy Idol, Megadeth, Antrax...

Van Halen, Vandenberg, Vanderbuyst! Dit powertrio duikt in de jaren 70 en 80 als uitvalsbasis voor hun ’Dutch hard rock assault’. Het echte werk dus, dat korte metten maakt met lichtgewicht gothic en nu-metal: "Bij een show van ons geen collectieve janksessies, dat doe je thuis maar. Kom naar Vanderbuyst en we bouwen samen een feestje!"

Ruim twaalf jaar na oprichting en vele shows verder hebben veel Nederlandse Slayer fans deze tributeband een plekje in hun hart verworven. Niet alleen bezit de Slayer Cover Band nog de energie die zo kenmerkend was voor Slayer in de jaren ’80, zanger TMP klinkt ook als een jonge Tom Araya op de top van zijn kunnen. Zorg dat de keel goed gesmeerd is, de vuist vrij de lucht in kan en dan meebrullen met 'Raining Blood'!

25-11-2011 --- LAST MINUTE NEW GIG

Hi all, we have a last minute new gig in our programm. On December 3rd (Saturday) we are supporting RAGE ON STAGE (RATM tribute) @ Café De Max in Geleen. Note that we start our gig at 21:00 hours so be there on time and enjoy the party :). Due to some unfortunate circumstances we had to cancel our previous show there recently so this is our make-up show. Hope to see you all there!!!

11-11-2011 --- REUNION DE SCHUUR PT.2

It was great to notice that there are still so many people remembering their time @ De Schuur during the time Peter was managing this HardRock cafe. We would like to thank eveyone for showing up and making this reunion a succes again. Cheers!

31-10-2011 --- REUNION OF DE SCHUUR

title This sunday, right after our saturday SKULLYFEST-show at DE BOERDERIJ in Geleen (DON'T YOU DARE TO MISS THAT ONE!) we are back on stage at BLUES ROCK GARAASJ (BRG) in Lindenheuvel (Geleen) during the Reunion party of Hardrock-café DE SCHUUR.

Recognize the shirt? Still have one of your own? Wear it this Sunday @ BRG. Don't matter if it does not fit you anymore. You did NOT grow out of it, the fucking shirt shrunk!!! LOL

26-10-2011 --- NIGHTMARE @ JAMAICA

Albtraum: Verhaftung im Urlaub @ Lokalzeit Aachen


As up now Z.O.D. is unable to perform in weekends (fri-zat-sun) starting in odd weeks, so if you plan on organizing shows in "even" weekends, you can always contact us. This might look strange but we have to consider the private lives of our band members with kids so... Hope you understand and are able to book us in all "even" weekends. For shows during the week (mon tru thu) we always have to check the possibility (same as before).

NOTE: this also means that we have to find a new date to play @ FENIX...

11-10-2011 --- CANCELLED SHOWS

Due to some very unfortunate personal matters, we were forced to cancel all our recent shows. As a result our friends organized a Benefit at Down Town - RockStage in Sittard on the 2nd of October. This is highly appreciated and we want to thank everyone for that! You know who you are (and we know too)!!! Now we are very glad to inform you that we will resume our shows starting with SKULLYFEST. Hope to see you all there!!!

08-10-2011 --- FENIX

Our show @ Fenix in Sittard has been rescheduled from November 4th to January 7th. Update your agenda!


Unfortunately GANG GREEN cancelled their entire European tour so our show on the 9th of this month will not take place.

15-08-2011 --- 2ND SHOW @ LAZARU'S

Our upcoming show at Lazaru's in Leiden on October 21st is postponed to a later date this year. As soon as this new date is final we'll put this event back on our list of shows. At this moment the date is set to December 22nd (a thursday).

27-07-2011 --- OCTOBER 9TH IS COMING...


It's time to take a visit at Eindhoven once again.
This evening Z.O.D. together with our friends from Retribution will perform at The Rambler. It has been over one year now since we've been there so we are really looking forward to this event. It will also be our last event before the holidays (2 months), so if you are up for some good old 80s Crossover shit from the Stormtroopers Of Death and you are feeling really thirsty, feel free to join us this evening.
Join the March!!!


Yesterday we had a great show at The Cave in Amsterdam and we would like to thank the organisation and The Cave itself for making this possible. Big thanks!
For this event 3 bands were booked: Dark Reign, State of Negation and Z.O.D.
State Of Negation cancelled their participation a couple of weeks ago so only Dark Reign and Z.O.D. were to fill the stage. We were very disappointed yesterday when we heard the news at 21:00 hours that Dark Reign also cancelled their show due to some ill band members and Z.O.D. was the only band left to support Japan that evening. Nevertheless, thanks to The Cave and the crowd that showed up it was a great evening and we had a blast.
We are proud to have supported Music Heals - Benefit For Japan @ The Cave. Any time!

13-06-2011 --- MUSIC HEALS - BENEFIT 4 JAPAN


Today we are informed that our show with GANG GREEN has been delayed by one week. Fortunately we will still be able to support GANG GREEN. So instead of October 2nd this show is on October 9th!!!

31-05-2011 --- NEW SHIRTS & CAPS ARE IN!

As up today our new shirts (size S, M, L, XL & XXL) and caps are in. They are looking great. You can buy them during our shows. Check SHOWS to find out how soon you can obtain this shirt and/or cap.

20-05-2011 --- NEW SHIRTS & CAPS COMING UP

We are pleased to announce that we have ordered new t-shirts and caps. They will be available within a week or two at our shows starting at the Aaltjesdagen Rock Festival in Harderwijk. The t-shirts will be white with black prints on front and back and the caps will be black with white print.
Here you can view the trial prints...

20-05-2011 --- CLOSE TO HOME

Next weekend we have two gigs close to home. So if you feel up to it and want to support your locals, come and join us @ BRG (Blues Rock Garaasj) in Lindenheuvel (Geleen) and @ 5th Avenue in Heythuysen. Check our shows for more information. Hope to see you all there!!!


To everyone (bookers, venues et cetera) who is about to book Z.O.D.:
From July 22nd until September 4th (included) we cannot be booked for any event due to the holidays of our bandmembers.
As a result it can also be that, during this period, we just might not be able to respond to mails, messages et cetera as quickly as we normally do...


This is the official flyer for monday May 9th @ Little Devil. Unfortunately there is no larger version available...
Deathriders: the fast and fu­rious California metallers featuring Neil Turbin, the first powerhouse vocalist of Thrash (Thrash Metal Big Four; Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer, Megadeth) and original lead singer of east coast thrash pioneers Anthrax. Neil Turbin is a key songwriter and major contributor who wrote all the lyrics and provided the main concepts to such well known metal anthems such as: "Metal Thrashing Mad", "Armed and Dangerous", "Deathrider" and "Gung Ho", which were on Anthrax's first three releases and many subsequent live and greatest hits albums.


We proudly present to you our Sponsor: GEVA.
Click on the photo to check out the absolutely most serious photoshoot we've ever made ;). NOT!!!
For a link to GEVA's website click here.

28-04-2011 --- GIG JULY 2ND CANCELLED!!!

Due to circumstances the organization of JACKPOP had to postpone this event to October 1st. Unfortunately it is not possible for us to participate that date. Sorry!

27-04-2011 --- BARTENDER, 4 MORE BEER!!!

Another great opportunity for Z.O.D. has occurred.
Just confirmed: on the 2nd of October we are to support no one less than GANG GREEN (Roadrunner Records) @ De Kelder in Amersfoort.

23-04-2011 --- GREAT SHOWS IN MAY

20-04-2011 --- JACKPOP FESTIVAL

New show! On July 2nd we are playing at the Jackpop festival in Grootebroek, Noord-Holland. If you don't want to miss this event you can allready order your ticket(s) via e-mail: tickets@jackpop.nl


Lately we had some problems confirming shows due to personal matters. We had some talks in which we came to an agreement. This resulted in yesterday's meeting with Rick (GAZOLINE, ex GUNZ 'N' ROZES, ex THE TOY DOLLZ,...) to get him accept our invitation to be our stand-in drummer in cases Bart "Benante" is not available. Rick accepted and he is willing to hit the stage asap. As a result we are able to support VICIOUS RUMORS at the 14th of May @ De Rots in Antwerp (BE)!

11-04-2011 --- Z.O.D. ALSO ON GOTSEEN.COM

From this moment on we are also present on GotSeeN.com.


Click here to take a look at the pictures taken on the 8th of April @ café Zigzag.


You can also order your tickets for Aaltjes dagen Rock Festival online! Click here.


We have been asked to perform at the Aaltjesdagen Rock festival in Harderwijk. Other bands that have already confirmed are:

Downfall of Empires Tribal Spirits Black Top Trailer Trash Tremblers Heideroosjes

06-04-2011 --- Z.O.D. ALSO ON FACEBOOK

From this moment on we are also present on Facebook. You are invited to join us there as well.


Another unpleasant message: HI-ON MAIDEN just cancelled their gig @ De Rots in Antwerp because their drummer is on tour with his other band. They were unable to find a replacement in time... At this moment we are working on a new date with De Rots...


Tickets for our show with Torture Squad (BRA) @ Azijnfabriek (Roermond, NL) can be ordered here!!!


We are very proud to announce that we are to support Neil Turbin's DEATHRIDERS @ Little Devil in Tilburg. Neil Turbin was the first singer of Anthrax (1982 - 1984). Note that this show is planned on a MONDAY (May 9th).

Deathriders, the fast and fu­rious California metallers featuring Neil Turbin, the first powerhouse vocalist of Thrash (Thrash Metal Big Four; Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer, Megadeth) and original lead singer of east coast thrash pioneers Anthrax. Neil Turbin is a key songwriter and major contributor wrote all the lyrics and provided the main concepts to such well known metal anthems such as: "Metal Thrashing Mad", "Armed and Dangerous", "Deathrider" and "Gung Ho", which were on Anthrax's first three releases and many subsequent live and greatest hits albums.

29-03-2011 --- CLUB B52 CANCELLED

Unfortunately we are unable to play @ Club B52 in Eernegem (Belgium) on October 1st. We will try to pinpoint a new date. Sorry...

28-03-2011 --- FIRST PICS BLOK 10 ONLINE

Click here to take a look at the pictures taken on the 26th of March @ Blok 10. Interested in the review? Click here to read "Verslag 3de voorronde regio Limburg 26-3-2011".


Click here to take a look at the pictures taken on the 25th of March @ Scum.


BaRRock has made several pictures during our show last saturday and they have already placed them on their website and so have we!!! Click here to take a look at the pictures taken on the 19th of March @ BaRRock.

22-03-2011 --- FIRST FLYERS OF 2011


We are very pleased to conclude that our new line-up has already proven to be very succesful. The power is where it should be, in the music, and the crowd seems to enjoy it very much (as do we of course). Z.O.D. is coming again!!!


Z.O.D. is very grateful for this promo video. Big thanks to John!!!

Quote: "This is a Dutch S.O.D. (Stormtroopers of Death) tribute band, and just out of fun and wanting to help these guys out, I decided to make this video for them. The song Speak English or Die was recorded by them in 2008, it was originally written and recorded in 1985 by S.O.D., and I have to say these guys are good. S.O.D. happens to be one of my favorite bands of all time and these guys do a great job. All credit goes to the band and the people who shot the live videos that were used in this video."


As all of you can see the warming-up of our new line-up starts half March. 4 Shows are planned allready and we are working on a couple more allready. So keep checking out our website for more shows to come... As soon as we are completely fine-tuned we cannot be stopped anymore!!!


We have confirmation of Z.O.D. playing @ The Dutch Battle Of The Cover Bands 2011. We are invited to perforn on the 26th of March @ Blok 10 in Horst (Limburg, NL). You Metal Heads are all invited to join this party.


07-01-2011 --- BAS & Z.O.D.

As you have probably noticed already on our Website, Hyves and/or Myspace, Z.O.D. has a new guitar player. Bas and the other members of Z.O.D. have seperated but remain friends. An ongoing situation had occurred within the band which did not improve and could not be solved to each and everyones satisfaction. Casper (ex Times Have Changed, ex Deathfall) has replaced Bas by now.

Bas, thank you for 4 succesful years!

02-01-2011 --- MMM 30 OKT: MINDVIEW VERSLAG

Op deze zaterdag heeft de organisatie van MMM (Music Minds Memories) niet te klagen over concurrentie van de kermis, zoals dat twee weken eerder het geval was tijdens het MMM Fest waarover je alles las in Mindview 211. Daar kwamen alles bij elkaar nog geen 40 betalende bezoekers op af. De organisatie bleef hoopvol gestemd en was vastberaden om die tegenvaller vandaag uit te wissen. Een tributefestival is vaak een feest van herkenning, wat de sfeer ten goede komt. Ditmaal tributes van S.O.D., Trust, Black Sabbath en Iron Maiden met medewerking van niemand minder dan Iron Maidens eerste zanger Paul Di’Anno. Zoiets laten we hier niet schieten en samen met Miss Metalfinalisten Tine en Katrien zoefden we naar Limburg.

Rond half 6 hadden “The Dutch Stormtroopers Of Death” van Z.O.D. de taak om het festival te openen. Zij brachten onder toezicht van de ruim 60 aanwezige bezoekers een tribute aan de Bay Area thrashers van S.O.D. Vanaf opener “March Of The ZOD/Sgt. D” knalden de heren een muur aan geluid de zaal in. Geheel in stijl zetten ze een rommelige doch energieke set neer met songs als “Kill yourself”, “Speak English Or Die” en “Bigger Than The Devil”, die ze goed imiteren. Aangezien de nummers van S.O.D gemiddeld 90 seconden lang zijn bestond de set uit 26 nummers die ze met volle overtuiging neerzetten. De Stormtroopers brachten zelfs medleys van maximaal tien seconden. Het geluid was zuiver, het spel van gitarist Bas ‘Scott’ Ian overtuigend en goed. Het nummer “Get A Real Job” besteedde aandacht aan M.O.D...

Click here for the complete review!

MMM Tribute Festival 2010 is geslaagd. Een leuke line-up, goede bands en met ruim 350 bezoekers kunnen de organisatoren onder leiding van de gedreven Danny en Diana meer dan tevreden zijn. Een verbroederingsfeest in de breedste zin van het woord.
Tekst: Bas Aldenzee
Foto’s: Julia van den Bergh


In 2011 we will be available for new shows again starting at the end of March. We will NOT be able to do any shows earlier...(unfortunately).


2 Years ago Z.O.D. participated in the Clash of The Coverbands and now we will take part of the Dutch Battle of the Cover Bands. A good opportunity for us to introduce to you our newest line-up... The venue however will be the same: Blok 10 in Horst, Limburg (NL). So if you want to re-live the 80s Thrash/HC songs of S.O.D. than now you know just where to go!!! The exact date is not set yet so we will inform you about this later on. Last time most people in the audience where mostly pop/rock orientated so for 2011 we hope a lot of Metal Heads will show up to tear the place down!!! ;)


We are proud to announce that there is a TRIBUTES OF METAL compilation called: "A Tribute to S.O.D." on which Z.O.D. is present among some very famous bands like Sepultura and Municipal Waste. Check TRIBUTES OF METAL: A Tribute to S.O.D. web page.
NOTE: this album can be downloaded for free right here.

01.Ztormtroopers Of Death - March Of The Z.O.D.
02.Rob Moschetti - Ode To Harry
03.Yellow Machinegun - Speak English Or Die
04.Slapdash - Kill Yourself
05.Zittesje OnDeug (Z.O.D.) - Ballad Of Kurt Cobain
06.Bee Sting - Black War
07.Blood Red Throne - Hate Tank
08.Raza De Odio - United Forces
09.North Side Kings - Fuck The Middle East
10.Pulling Teeth - Freddy Krueger
11.Remorse - Milano Mosh
12.54-71 - Pussy Whipped
13.Ztormtroopers Of Death - Sgt. D And The Z.O.D.
14.Municipal Waste - Municipal Waste - United Forces
15.Functional Idiots - Pi Alpha Nu
16.Collision - Milk
17.Rob Moschetti - Bubble Butt [M.O.D.]
18.Zittesje OnDeug (Z.O.D.) - Diamonds And Rust
19.Zittesje OnDeug (Z.O.D.) - The Camel Boy
20.Sepultura - Douche Crew (live)

07-12-2010 --- DADAS (HELMOND)

05-12-2010 --- GREAT!

We had a great time yesterday @ Backstage, Nijmegen. A lot of people there joined our show. Many thanks! We appreciate!!! Stratex did a great job also, good old Slayer, Metallica, Motörhead & S.O.D.!!! et cetera were also warmly welcomed by the Metal fans over there. Hope to see you all soon @ Dadas, Helmond on the 17th.

30-11-2010 --- OFFICIAL POSTER DEC. 4TH

Next saturday STRATEX & Z.O.D. will finally have their show together @ Backstage, Nijmegen. Z.O.D. will start @ 21:30h sharp, STRATEX will follow soon after and will end @ 00:00h. This is going to be THE thrash night of 2010, so don't miss it!!!

21-11-2010 --- MORE POP-EI PICTURES...

Today we've added a hole bunch of pictures from our show @ Pop-Ei in Eindhoven. Go check 'm out!

18-11-2010 --- PICTURES POP-EI

Next to the 3 live videos now we also have the first couple of pictures from our show @ Pop-Ei in Eindhoven online. Click here to see them!


Inquisition Symphony has made a video clip for their song "Circle Of Violence". We appreciate one of them wearing our Z.O.D. shirt. You guys are great. Thank you!!!
Here's their video clip:

17-11-2010 --- 3 NEW LIVE-VIDS ONLINE

As up today we have 3 new live videos online from our show @ Pop-Ei, Eindhoven on November 13th @ the Goodbey Show of Morning. Check SHOWS/VIDEOS...

11-11-2010 --- MISS METAL 2011 CANDIDATE

We have a winner!!! Well... a candidate for the Belgian Miss Metal Election.
In the "Browchure" of the 223rd Edition of MindView you'll find the Miss Metal 2011 Photo Special. And take a look at candidate no.1, Tien van Bouwel, she's wearing our one and only Z.O.D. tshirt!!! Thank you for placing Z.O.D. in the picture!

10-11-2010 --- UPCOMING WEEKEND

As you all know, next weekend we have 2 shows for you. Friday @ Cafe Lazaru's in Leiden and saturday @ Pop-Ei in Eindhoven. Both venues are very nearby train stations. C U out there!!!


Just read in a facebook mailing from Coverslave that the concert of Maasmechelen in Belgium announced almost 400 entries before beginning, which is altogether not so bad in these particularly difficult times. Well done Music Minds Memories, well done!


We have placed some pictures and video recordings online. Check it out via SHOWS!!!

03-11-2010 --- REVERBNATION

As up today we are also present on ReverbNation. Check it out!!!


A lot of pictures have been made and some videos as well. As soon as they are in our possession we will put them on our website(s). It was a great show yesterday and we would like to thank Music Minds Memories & Paul Di'Anno for making this possible. BIG THANKS!!!

30-10-2010 --- TODAY: MMM TRIBUTE FEST


Click here to read the article in the online newspaper of Maasmechelen about the upcoming MMM Tribute Fest in Zaal Jagerborg with Paul Di'Anno.

17-10-2010 --- MMM TRIBUTE FEST TICKETS!!!

Only 2 weeks left before the legendary Paul Di'Anno is being supported by, among others, Z.O.D.
You don't want to miss this event: MMM Tribute Fest (Maasmechelen) on the 30st of October, so order your tickets here!!!



We would like to thank Kaycee Graphic Design, Photography & Illustrations for sponsoring our new business cards!


Hi there,
there is a cool article of Music Minds Memories (page 70-72) and posters of their 2 upcoming fests this month (page 55 and 77) in MindView one including Z.O.D. (page 77) supporting Paul Di'Anno!!!
Check MindView Rock-metal Lifestyle Magazine No.219

04-10-2010 --- FLYER OCT 15TH

Check out the flyer of October 15th @ De Triangel

03-10-2010 --- DYKBREUK & GYGA TNX!!!

We would like to thank all people from Dykbreuk fest and Get Your Gig Agency for a great festival. It really was worth the 3 hour drive. Loved the venue. Hopefully the pictures taken by the photographers will be online soon. Thanks and keep up the great work!!!

01-10-2010 --- EXIT IN G

On Oct 22 we had planned a show with ouw friends from Foul Tactic. Unfortunately this show we are to skip. Now a new date is being picked for Exit in G @ Landgraaf.

28-09-2010 --- STAGE BANNER READY

Hi all, our Stage Banner just came in today and it's looking great (100x200cm). We are very pleased with the result. Next saturday we will use it on stage :)
Den Helder, we are eagerly waiting for Dykbreuk!!!

25-09-2010 --- READY FOR DYKBREUK

Our Try-out at Smiley's was quite succesfull.
Big thanks to Rob & Annie for having us there!!!
Some minor issues, also due to quite a long period of stage absence, will be worked out and solved this week but overall we are ready to perform @ Dykbreuk next week.
Den Helder, Z.O.D. is coming to get you!!!
For tickets for this event click here.


This week we have placed an order to have our own stage banner made. We hope to show to you this banner during our upcoming shows, starting next week (hopefully).
In addition, for those who care, a new sticker is being made as well.
For those of you who would like to have a Z.O.D. business card (i.e. for booking purposes),... well... we'll have them next week also :)

18-09-2010 --- TRY-OUT @ SMILEY'S

Check out the flyer of our Try-Out @ Smiley's
September 24th @ Smiley's in Brunssum...
See you all there!!!

15-09-2010 --- OCT 9TH SHOW CANCELLED

Unfortunately we will not be able to join Sanquin & Seed of Rock on the 9th of October. Due to limited time that day we hoped to be able to play at 21:00h at the latest, but that was not possible (the crowd seems to enter the venue by 22:00h so...)
We hope to come up with a new date soon for BaRRock in Maastricht to redeem our debt!

09-09-2010 --- 2011 (AND BEYOND)

Due to the fact that for the remaining of 2010 we are now completey booked out, we are looking for new shows for 2011... so feel free to contact us!


Just received a mail from MORNING in which they mention having found a new venue suitable for their final show: Pop-Ei, Eindhoven. Check our shows for more info.


10-08-2010 --- 13TH OF NOVEMBER

Just heard from Morning that there were some programming issues with their final show @ Dynamo, Eindhoven. However they assured us that this show will continue on that same day together with Z.O.D., Foul Tactic & Rising Tide but that they are looking for an other venue. We'll keep you posted...

09-08-2010 --- FLYER DYKBREUK FEST

Check out the flyer of Dykbreuk Festival
October 2nd @ Studio 62 in Den Helder...


Some new additional shows for us to play at this year. Here's an overview:

24-09 Music-cafe Smiley's, Brunssum
02-10 Studio 62 (Dykbreuk Fest), Den Helder
09-10 Muziek Café BaRRock, Maastricht
22-10 Exit in G (Oefenbunker), Landgraaf
30-10 Zaal Jagersborg (Paul Di'Anno), Maasmechelen
12-11 Rockcafé Lazaru's, Leiden
13-11 Dynamo Rock & Metal Café, Eindhoven


19-07-2010 --- LAZARU'S LEIDEN

Another show is booked. There's still not much information available other than the fact that we are to play on the 12th of November @ Rockcafé LAZARU'S in Leiden. Yes, that's the day before our show @ The DYNAMO in Eindhoven. As soon as more information comes towards us, we'll let you know.


If you don't want to miss us supporting Paul Di'Anno (1st vocalist of Iron Maiden) @ MMM Tribute Fest (Maasmechelen) on the 30st of October, you can order your tickets here and save € 3,00 !!!
For those of you who still don't believe it's the real Paul Di'Anno, check the tourdates at Paul Di'Anno's Official site.


14-06-2010 --- PI ALPHA NU - LIVE VIDEO

There's a video made of us playing Pi Alpha Nu @ Down Town last saturday. Check it out via SHOWS/VIDEOS.

13-06-2010 --- BIG THANX TO ROBERT

We would like to thank Robert ex-Benante for his commitment to Z.O.D. for the past 4 years. Thank you very much, we had a great time together. But as always, when your musical interest is no longer with the band it's time to quit. Nevertheless...good luck & lots of fun with your new band NAFTA-2!!!
Cheers, Z.O.D.

10-06-2010 --- NEW SHOW

On the 13th of November, Bas "NOT" Ian's band MORNING will have its final show @ DYNAMO, Eindhoven together with RISING TIDE, FOUL TACTIC & Z.O.D. Don't miss it!!!

08-06-2010 --- PAUL DI'ANNO

Quote: "Amazing ! Paul Di 'Anno (ex-singer of Iron Maiden) will celebrate his 30 years of recording & shows worldwide in 2010. Coverslave, the French tribute to Iron Maiden will support Paul for special gigs in France and Belgium. An exceptionnal event, Paul will sing with Coverslave a complete Iron Maiden show with classic songs from the "Iron Maiden" (1980) & "Killers" (1981) albums. In support, Coverslave will play Iron Maiden classics from "The Number of the Beast" to "A matter of life and death" albums with his singer Stephane Graziani. Don't miss this fantastic event!".
In Belgium together with Z.O.D., Sabbathizer (Black Sabbath tribute) & Depression (Trust tribute) it's gonna be the event of the year!
If not for you then at least for us LOL!!!


We are very proud to announce that thanks to Music Minds Memories we are supporting PAUL DI'ANNO & COVERSLAVE (tribute to IRON MAIDEN) on October 30st @ Zaal Jagersborg in Maasmechelen (Belgium).

Big thanks to MMM!!!

16-05-2010 --- BART BENANTE

Our current drummer, Robert Benante is going to make his final show with Z.O.D. on the 12th of June in Down Town, Sittard. At the same time we just might introduce to you our new drummer: Bart Benante, former drummer of among others Gail Of God...

05-05-2010 --- NEW DRUMMER?

We might just have found a replacement for Robert Benante who unfortunately has lost his passion for playing the drums. During the very first rehearsal after our show @ Soos Plock this saturday we will have a try-out. So next week we hope to give you good news, if not, we will keep on searching so if you are also interested or know someone who just might be, please let us know!
As a backup we have found another drummer to help us out on occasion if nescessary so we won't be leaving the scene, not even for a second. Keep you posted!!!


Hi there, we are still loooking for a new drummer. So if you feel up to it and are serious about it, please contact us. We really need you!!!

20-04-2010 --- CONDOLENCES (AGAIN)

Our dearest friend & Metalfan Danny Mommers (alias Miemie) had to leave us at the age of only 37.
We would like to condole his parents with this great loss.
Mi€mi€, we really are going to miss you!!!

20-04-2010 --- NEW GIG COMING UP

At the moment we are working on a new show together with Sick Of You All & Fury Of The Wild. Both from Belgium. In the past we've done several shows with SOYA already and in May we've got another gig together in Volkel. It is always great playing with these guys! The location is set but the date has to be confirmed yet. Within the next couple of days we will add this one to our upcoming shows... Check it out!!!


Here's our flyer for both our shows @ Queensday 2010
Check it out!

29-03-2010 --- QUEENSDAY 2010

It's gonna be a really Thrashy Queensday this time. We are playing on 2 stages that day. Next to The Rambler in Eindhoven we now also play in Ridderkerk at
Hope to see you all there!!!

06-03-2010 --- SECOND SHOW BOOKED

Our second show is a fact. This gig @

however comes before the first show we've booked. Check our SHOWS soon.

28-01-2010 --- FIRST SHOW 2010 BOOKED

Our first show in 2010 a fact. At May 8th we play @

in Volkel. Don't miss it! We are looking for 1 or 2 bands to join us.

30-10-2009 --- FREE DATES FOR SHOWS

We have some dates at which we would love to play, so if you are interested, book us! Here they come: 13 nov, 13 dec, 13 feb, 13 mar, 13 jun, 13 aug and 13 nov, but any other date will do just fine, except during Carnaval :)

28-08-2009 --- LOOKING 4 SHOWS

At this moment we are without gigs so we are working on that now. Next we are looking for a possibility to record a couple of S.O.D. songs again!!! Some from our PROMO and some new. We'll keep you posted.

17-07-2009 --- NL-ADDRESSES READY

From now on our website also can be reached via www.sod-tribute.nl and www.zittesjeondeug.nl
The old get.to/zod will remain as well (of course) ...

23-06-2009 --- FLYER 13TH OF JULY

Together with Trenchfoot from Belgium we are supporting Warmaster from the US...


We are still looking for a replacement for Robert "Benante", so if you're up to it, don't hesitate to contact us. But remember all current band members live in the region of Sittard (NL), so our rehearsal studio is also there.

15-06-2009 --- AND AGAIN

Just confirmed. Next month, together with TrenchFoot (BE), we are supporting WARBRINGER (US) @ The Frontline in Gent (BE).

08-06-2009 --- BACK IN BELGIUM

Next weekend we're back in Belgium! In Antwerp to be exact, together with DRUNK (BE). So if you're bored or you want to relive the 80s the best you can, check us out!!!

20-05-2009 --- NEW DRUMMER NEEDED

Are you good with drums? No, are you great with drums? Do you like our tribute to S.O.D.? Do you live nearby Sittard? Contact us via our contact page! But do this only if you are not some arrogant bastard!!!
Why are we looking? Well our drummer is not going to continue his Z.O.D. participation for very much longer. Just as long as it takes to find an as good or even better drummer. Robert "Benante" will even help you getting started if preferred.
We, the Dutch Stormtroopers Of Death, are here to stay!

09-02-2009 --- THE IDIOT IS BACK!

yes! it took some time but the idiot is back and SPAMmed our contact page once again. The fool!

29-01-2009 --- ZOD-SHIRT PT.3

Our t-shirts are ready and looking great. For those of you who are eager to get one, visit our shows and you might just be able to buy one. As Z.O.D. is not into becoming rich, our heavy cotton Fruit of the Loom shirts will cost only € 10,- a piece (limited) You can't make 'm yourself for that price!!!

29-12-2008 --- ZOD-SHIRT PT.2

We've finallized the looks of our T-shirt. Now it's only a question of where and when to make it...

01-12-2008 --- ZOD-SHIRT

At this moment we are busy working on a ZOD-shirt. There will be 2 versions, one with a small front print and one with a very large print. The back print is still uncertain. We hope we'll have everything ready when gigs start popping up again ;)
Keep you posted...

18-11-2008 --- SOME IDIOT

Some idiot is spamming our contact page, the fool. Nobody sees that and we are not interested and remove it instantly.

03-11-2008 --- READY AGAIN

After a long period of vacations we are finally ready to trash your stages again. 2 new shows coming up and more will follow... Check our shows if you don't want to miss one!!! Bookers can contact us via "CONTACT".

20-08-2008 --- ANOTHER SHOW, BUT NOT

We are also asked for a show in Landgraaf on the 4th of october, but unfortunately we can't because one of us will be on holiday until the middle of october. Sorry!

13-08-2008 --- NEW SHOW COMING UP

Today we are contacted to play @ The Backstage in Nijmegen once again. The exact date is not set yet but it will be around october together with a Testament tribute band!!! As soon as everything's confirmed you'll find the show in the "Upcoming Shows" part of this website...

06-08-2008 --- CONDOLENCES

We would like to condole Dieke with the loss of her husband François Houben (alias Frenske). Frenske, thank you for the person you were!!! You will be missed... Z.O.D. salutes you.

06-08-2008 --- WEBSITE UPDATES

We've been busy updating our website. New are the menu items "NEWS", "CONTACT" and "GUESTBOOK". It took a while before everything worked properly but now it's as good as ready. Due to differences between Internet Explorer and Opera we had to overcome a couple of issues. The contact page however will be changed soon just to make sure no messages get lost. In the meantime our email address is still mentioned just to be sure.